Answers About Management Software

Answers About Management SoftwareManagement software is certainly a diverse term conveying types of software program that happen to be helpful in supervision, budgeting, resource allocation etc. These types of software make all the work uncomplicated and computerized. You’ll find various kinds of management softwares out there based on the area of work. Few such sorts of computer software are project management software, school management software, property management software, healthcare management software and document management software. Continue Reading →

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Bringing Peace Of Mind With Management Software

Management SoftwareThere are occasions when as a manager you find yourself having lots of duties to control. Project management software can help you deal with the quite a few jobs and can easily be used in various ways that are outlined below. Continue Reading →

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Customer Management Software – What You Should Know

Customer Management SoftwareNowadays companies have to have efficient customer management software to ensure the ongoing growth and stability of their business. Operating a business, after all, isn’t just about delivering goods and services, and making a profit. Continue Reading →

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E-commerce Software Solution For A Better Online Business

Ecommerce Software SolutionThe functions of retail e-commerce often require some very complex systems and many people are afraid to get into e-commerce become of this complexity. However, with an effective e-commerce software solution, many of the daunting tasks can easily be managed and the many rewards of successful e-commerce endeavors can be enjoyed.

While it is true that there are some extraordinary people who seem to have inherently acquired the skills and talents to easily and effortlessly harness the power of the internet, the good news for the rest of us is that success in retail e-commerce is possible with the right e-commerce software solution for your needs.

Best Set Of Tools For Your Online Business

Interestingly, an e-commerce software solution can actually be just one of many different solutions, but appears in differing formats. However, not all will be right for your particular retail e-commerce needs. So, one of the biggest challenges is figuring out what will be the right set of tools that will provide the solutions to support the growth of your enterprise.

There is no doubt that one person can often effectively run his web site and keep it functioning well and in top condition. Still, there is a myriad of things that only e-commerce store software solutions can provide to enable your online store to run smoothly and efficiently.

Looking For Software Solutions

The main thing about an e-commerce software solution is that it should always deliver what it claims it can. For example, common problems encountered by e-commerce entrepreneurs include lack of full and complete sales, lack of visitor and traffic information, marketing difficulties and problems, and lack of search engine optimization.

Without these prime concerns being addressed, it is impossible to forge a complete and effective e-commerce software solution. If this is the case, you may as well try to simply get along without it.

Development History

One proactive way to check up on the e-commerce software solution that you may be considering is to assess its development history. What is the current version being offered? How many updates have been released? What specific problems have been corrected with each release?

How many years has it been on the market? How long did the research team take to develop the system? These and any other pertinent questions specific to your needs, will help you to know if you will be getting your money’s worth from that system.

If the company has spent considerable time in the development of the software solution they are offering, then it is very likely that they have been able to resolve problems and work out details in functionality and in debugging that might have been overlooked or not yet encountered by newer software companies.

Long For Reliable Products

So, it makes sense that the longer that an e-commerce software solution company has been actively engaged in the retail e-commerce arena, the better and more reliable their product is likely to be.

Most of the companies that provide e-commerce software solution products also offer a trial period that allows you to give their system a test drive to see if it has the tools that you need.

Once you have had a chance to test out the interface for their development software tools, you can make an informed and confident decision.

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Cart Solutions For Your E-commerce Site

Cart SolutionsIf you are ready to launch your retail e-commerce website and you are looking at the web–based e-commerce shopping cart solutions that are out there, then be sure to first review the big guns of internet retail like,, PayPal and Yahoo.

These sites all provide complete and easy to set up shopping cart solutions that also offer the convenience of web–based tools.

Quick And Easy Solutions

Each one of these different retail e-commerce shopping cart solutions providers can assist you in getting your site up and running in the very same day in most cases.

All it takes, once you have your account arranged with them, is just a few hours of set up work which can be accomplished online. It is a good idea to spend some time reading the reviews of other users on e-commerce forums before deciding on the best cart solution for your site.

Even before you can make a decision about your cart solutions for the retail e-commerce business you want to start, you will need to map out your business plans and goals.

Plan To Succeed

If all you want to accomplish is to bring in a little extra cash as a sideline, then the most basic e-commerce software solution will most likely be all that you need and will save you money as you get started.

However, if your goal is to grow your little retail e-commerce business into a thriving enterprise, then it is best to plan ahead somewhat and be sure that you choose an e-commerce shopping cart solutions provider that will be able to grow along with your business.

For A Large Growing E-commerce Site

Some of the features you will need to support such a grand goal are: high or no limits on the number of items you are allowed to offer; ability to automatically send emails to your customers; the functionality to issue online coupons.

Even with those features, you still might eventually outgrow your e-commerce software solution provider, so it makes no sense to start with one you will probably outgrow in just a few months.

Also, when you do outgrow the cart solutions provider that has more to offer from the beginning, your business will most likely be ready for a dedicated e-commerce software solution.

PayPal Is Widely Used As A Payment Processor

For many years, PayPal was not really taken seriously as a payment processor or as an e-commerce shopping cart solutions provider. However, times have definitely changed, especially since the internet behemoth,, purchased PayPal.

Nowadays, PayPal is considered a legitimate solution and a simple way to go without the hassle of setting up your own merchant account and the account set–up fees associated with that.

PayPal now offers fully integrated shopping cart solutions which allows your retail e-commerce site to accept virtually all types of credit cards and checks from some countries.

It continues to provide the traditional web–based transactions at a low cost, making it easy and cost effective for a newcomer to e-commerce to get started.

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E-commerce Software Solutions To Run Your Online Business

E-commerce Software SolutionsWhile it is true that a profitable retail e-commerce web site is considered to be valuable internet “real estate” to have nowadays, it is also true that there are complex systems that operate in the background of such sites. They are powered by intricate e-commerce software solutions.

Because of this complexity and sophistication, many people who have terrific ideas for a retail e-commerce site, for either products or services, are often put-off by such a daunting task. Nevertheless, there are numerous proven rewards for a well-done retail e-commerce venture.

Even though there are many who seem to have a natural knack for mastering the hi-tech internet systems, the reality is that those so naturally gifted are actually in the minority. It is the availability of these software solutions that will make the difference for those who might consider themselves technologically challenged.

Quality E-commerce Software Solutions

In fact, it is encouraging for many to know that armed with quality e-commerce software solutions, even the novice in retail e-commerce can level the playing field and compete with some of the big online enterprises and build up their own thriving web business.

You can find a variety of different e-commerce software solutions available from any number of different companies, many of which advertise their software technology extensively on the internet.

Finding the options is not the challenge for most people, but finding the right set of solutions in your choice of online e-commerce software is the real trick.

Looking For Custom Software Solutions

Successfully finding the right fit for you and the demands of your web site and your visitors will take some time. One will need to review, not only what the different functions and benefits are that are included in the different e-commerce software solutions packages, but also the company behind the product.

During the due diligence phase of selecting the right e-commerce software solution for you, you should ask about the length of time that the company has been doing business in the e-commerce arena. The longer the company has been in that industry the more likely they have developed a high level of expertise in that area.

Also, this means that a company that has had its system hard at work in field conditions for years will also have had ample opportunities to work out the bugs and the kinks along the way.

Avoid Companies WIth Short E-commerce Experience

A newcomer to the field is still most likely working to eliminate problems. And, this could mean you and your retail e-commerce site will become their field tester, which is not a position you want to be in as a new business.

Most of the publishers of software packages will also give you a chance to test-drive their software through a free trial period, which is typically for 30-days.

Inside View Of Full Functioning Software

This is an excellent way to get an inside view of the software and to actually get your hands on the interface to determine if it is truly user friendly, as well as finding out if the specific functionality you need for your site is easy to manage.

The main thing to remember as you are seeking out the best e-commerce software solutions for your site, is that ideally the software should be working for you, rather than the other way around.

Before you settle on a solution, make sure it is a suite of tools that will help your business flourish and not something that is so complex that it becomes cumbersome and a hindrance to the growth of your business.

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E-commerce Tools For Your Online Enterprises

e-commerce toolsIf you have looked around the internet and decided that it’s about time for you to take on the challenges and advantages of your own retail e-commerce venture, then one thing is for sure.

You are going to need to line up some effective e-commerce tools that will enable to you automate much of your business and assure that it runs smoothly.

In most cases, in addition to the e-commerce tools, you will also need to sort through the many e-commerce web templates that are available to give you a fast foundation for your site.

This can be a huge time saver for you, even if you happen to have the skills to design and build a website. However, if you do not possess those skills, then an e-commerce template is going to be essential for you.

After you have selected the right template for your site and have had a chance to edit it and customize it, then you can start adding the products or the services that you will be offering to your visitors.

Once done, you will need to be sure your e-commerce tools are correctly set up, helping you to make sure things run smoothly and efficiently every day.

Many times these e-commerce tools will be provided through your web hosting account. Generally, the tools that come with your hosting would be considered entry level tools and are sufficient for most start-up retail e-commerce businesses. However, if you need more sophisticated tools, you will probably need to look at e-commerce software solutions from a third-party vendor.

The following are some of the basic e-commerce tools that you can expect to have available to you with your e-commerce level hosting account:

Website Creation And Web Builder Tools

Many hosting services have a simple website builder component and some basic templates to choose from. For a very simple site, these free software tools may suffice, or you may be able to use it in conjunction with an e-commerce template that you purchased. This type of website builder is not meant for complex sites or extensive use of sophisticated e-commerce tools.

Integrated Shopping Cart With Secure Transaction Pages

You will want to look for shopping cart solutions that make it easy for the customer to purchase your products or services while also keeping their sensitive information secure.

Automated Tax and Shipping Calculator

A shopping cart is just not complete if it does not include a module that will take care of these essential details for you and be smooth and seamless to your customer. Otherwise, you’ve ended up with a “clunky” cart and you will lose sales.

PayPal Compatible Payment Processing

For payment processing with the least amount of fuss, PayPal is the way to go, especially while you are getting started. As your business grows, it might be cheaper to switch to a different type of merchant account to process payments later for your retail e-commerce business, but PayPal works great for most beginners.

Customer Contact With Email And Build Customer Loyalty

Having a simple way to communicate with your customers is one of the most important e-commerce tools you can have in your arsenal. Be sure your e-commerce software solution has a good way for you to email your customers with newsletters and special offers so that you can build customer loyalty and enjoy repeat business.

If at all possible before finally deciding on the e-commerce tools that you will implement for your retail e-commerce site, check to see if the provider of the tools will give you a trial period in which to test-drive the system and thoroughly check out the tools, both for ease of use and for assuring that it has all the functionality you need.

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Shopping Cart Hosting Should Be Affordable And Reliable

Shopping Cart HostingWith so much growth in the retail e-commerce industry, new people are getting into web-based businesses every day. One of the first things they start to search around for is shopping cart hosting that is affordable and reliable and will easily integrate with their website.

Shopping cart hosting is indeed a crucial component in the success of any online business that sells products or services to the internet public.

Web hosting for shopping cart solutions is somewhat different from basic web site hosting because such an account includes special settings that allow you to install and run the necessary shopping cart software for your web-based storefront.

Two Basic Categories Of Shopping Cart Hosting

Basically, there are two primary categories of shopping cart hosting. In the first category of shopping cart solutions hosting, you will find that the required script that runs the shopping cart has been pre-installed and is pretty much ready to run.

Many consider this to be the best type of shopping cart hosting since you are not required to do any special installation.

Custom Installation Of Shopping Cart Script

The second type of shopping cart hosting is simply the regular type of web hosting account that gives you the option of being able to custom install your shopping cart script. This requires more technical ability to setup and so it is not the most popular option for some people.

However, this option does allow for a great deal more customization of the shopping cart, so for those who know what they are doing this can be a very powerful e-commerce software solution.

Beginners Should Use A Simple Shopping Cart Script

For most new retail e-commerce businesses that are just starting out, the best choice is the simplest choice in shopping cart software. Once your online business is flourishing, then you can expand and look for shopping cart solutions that can be fully customized and perhaps hire programmers who understand the scripting requirements for the customization you require.

Another important aspect of shopping cart hosting is the expense, especially for a brand new online e-commerce enterprise. In the past, you would have needed to purchase a separate module with your hosting company in order to run the cart script. But nowadays, this feature is almost always included as a part of the standard web hosting plans.

Cost Of Shopping Cart Hosting Is Now More Affordable

The best part of this change in general web hosting plans is that it means the cost of shopping cart hosting is more affordable than it has ever been. In fact, there are some very reliable web hosting providers that offer great quality and very reliable hosting for as little as $5.95 per month and the price usually includes the ability to host your shopping cart.

Of course, in addition to the concern about the shopping cart hosting aspect of getting your web site up and live on the web, there are other considerations that you will need to take into account. You will want to be sure to have all of the features and benefits that you need to properly run the site.

Bandwidth and Disk Space

Two major areas are bandwidth and the amount of allowed disk space for your site. Make sure you have enough of both so that you can upload all the images and video you need to entice your visitors.

And finally, in choosing your shopping cart hosting to enable your retail e-commerce site to makes sales, you have to consider the reputation of your host for their level of stability and reliability.

After you have put in all the effort to create your new site and get traffic to you, the absolute worst thing that can happen is for your web host to have downtime which is a fast way to destroy your site’s reputation.

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Pay Per Click To Bring Traffic To Your Website

Pay Per ClickInternet marketing is a huge business and it’s growing every single day as more and more people come online to try to make a living. While there are many approaches to marketing online, one of the fastest ways to drive traffic to your website and start to generate revenue is by utilizing pay per click advertising.

As the very term suggests, this is advertising that is paid for every time someone clicks on an ad displaying your link. The amount that you pay for that click is dependent on the amount that you bid to have a paid listing for a certain keyword term or keyword phrase.

Good Keyword Research

Effective pay per click ad campaigns will start with good keyword research. This step is crucial so that you understand what the best keyword terms and phrases will provide the most targeted traffic for your site or affiliate program that you are attempting to promote.

Keyword research is important so that you do not waste money promoting your site under that wrong search term and also so that you can see if there is enough traffic coming from that keyword term to justify using it. The other aspect of keyword research is checking to see how high the bids are for certain search terms that you would be interested in bidding on.

Often, you might find that the keyword you would like to use for your pay per click campaign has a very high bid amount on it and it doesn’t make sense to pay that much for each click, especially when you are starting out.

Through good keyword research, you can probably find a similar keyword term that can still deliver enough traffic so that it is worth your while, but that has a much lower bid amount on it.

Google Adwords

The biggest player in the pay per click advertising game is definitely Google Adwords. Not only is Google the most used and the top search engine, but they also have a vast network of sites where their ads are also displayed, giving people the widest array of exposure for their advertising.

Of course, other search engines, such as Yahoo, MSN, Miva, also offer pay per click (PPC) advertising programs, but none of them have the kind of reach or the numbers of visitors that can come from a Google campaign.

Increase Visibility To Different Search Engines

However, utilizing the PPC programs of these other sites can help you get attention from and visibility to the different search engines, sometimes accelerating the time it takes for them to index your site.

Pay per click is an effective way to attract the most potential customers to your website. In fact, many online marketing experts are touting PPC as the absolute best way to assure steady profitability from your website, assuming that your website converts well.

Just like any efforts in marketing, it is important to carefully manage the pay per click campaigns so that you can enjoy the maximum success. As time goes by, the results of your campaigns will clearly show which keyword terms end up being the most profitable and you can use that information to further focus your campaigns so that they become even more profitable.

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E-commerce Templates Speed Up Development

E-commerce TemplatesWould you like to quickly develop an internet presence and start selling your goods or services online? If that is the case, then you should consider the many e-commerce templates that are available which can be a springboard to launching your new retail e-commerce enterprise.

An e-commerce template is essentially a pre-designed format for a website created by a professional web site designer. The templates are created in such a way that you can customize them with your information so that you can quickly have a professional-looking site without having to know a lot of detailed programming or design.

Since there are a lot of e-commerce templates that can be purchased from any number of online sources, it is important to have knowledge of some of the features you should consider before deciding on which template is right for you.

Some things to keep in mind are: What skills do you need to customize the template? What design software tools do you need? What basic functions do you need for your site?

Flash Templates For E-commerce Websites

Flash templates are one popular option in web site templates. Flash elements on a web page allow for a lot of movement as well as interactivity, making an otherwise boring site come to life with “flashy”, attention-getting elements. This can be a benefit, but it can also be a disadvantage as not all web surfers can easily view flash components while others are too slow to load.

Also, flash templates are not particularly useful from the standpoint of search engine optimization. A search engine is not able to interpret what the flash movie is presenting, so you won’t gain any advantages from the search engines with flash e-commerce templates. So, if you need an e-commerce template to facilitate online sales, then you will need an HTML site.

However, you can have small flash elements, such as your website banner or an animated logo to get attention. This will give your site some “eye candy”, yet won’t interfere with the search engine optimization of your site or your retail e-commerce activities.

Dreamweaver Is The Industry Standard

Dreamweaver is a powerful software package that many of the top e-commerce web site designers use to create the e-commerce templates available on the market. If you purchase one of these templates, it will be in your best interest to also invest in the Dreamweaver design software tools.

This will allow you to edit and customize your site using the same software that the original designer used. In the long run this will produce better final results for your site with much less stress.

Dreamweaver is the industry standard, professional level software program for designing and building websites. You should expect to spend several hundred dollars for a licensed copy, although you can get a 30 trial version of the software from the Dreamweaver website.

Many Free Online Tutorials To Learn How To Use Dreamweaver

It is also a complex program and there are many free, online tutorials available to help you learn the basics so that you will be able to edit your e-commerce templates.

There are e-commerce templates that are considered “full site” and this means that they include the pages that are most common to retail e-commerce sites. As well, they have shopping cart solutions and payment processor integration already included in the function and design.

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Online Computer Classes To Increase Your Knowledge

Online Computer ClassesOnline computer classes cover a wide range of topics to increase your knowledge. You can learn how to use software you bought for your computer, learn a second language and more.

I like online computer classes as I can learn how to use computer software. Whenever I buy new software I go to the software website and look for tutorials and online computer classes to learn as much as I can about using the software effectively and most efficiently.

This helps me start using the software more quickly. The most appealing aspect of online courses, is that I can do these courses at my convenience. I do not have to wait for college doors to open and wait for the college professor to show up. I can do the online computer classes, anytime, 24/7. I can be doing my online computer course while the college professor is asleep.

My First Online Computer Classes

When I moved a few years ago, I moved away from my best friend. Though we don’t get to see each other as often as we like, we do stay in touch over the Internet.

One day she called me and asked me if I would take some online computer classes with her. She had found some that were for free, and asked me to sign up into the classes with her.

Though these classes were not very complicated, they were a lot of fun, and I did learned quite a few things.

Other online computer classes have a fee, but you will be learning things that you would normally have to pay for anyway. Many online computer classes offer the same things that you can get if you were to go to school to learn about computers.

If you need to learn about a certain type of software, or perhaps your general knowledge about computers is low, and you want to know more, online computer classes might be the answer for you.

However, if you know absolutely nothing about computers, you may not be able to use these classes as effectively as you would if you are taking a class where someone is over your shoulder helping you.

The great thing about online computer classes is that you can take them at your leisure. If you have a full-time job and a family, it is often hard to find time to go back to school to learn things that you may need for your job or things that perhaps you feel are going to be important to you very soon.

Online Classes Available Anytime

If you sign up for online computer classes, you can take the classes whenever you have the free time, and you may even be able to share the lessons of other people in your household.

On average, you may pay less for online computer classes than you would pay if you were to sign up for classes at your local college. It will depend on what you go for and what kind of time you have on your hands.

Some people want to take online computer classes simply because there are none offered anywhere nearby. Others like to have the classroom experience because they learn better from an instructor.

Check All Requirements Before Paying For Online Course

You’ll have to decide what type of class will work best for you. In some cases, you will need to have high–speed Internet in order to take these classes, so make sure you look into all of the specifics before you sign up and pay.

I like using online classes to learn how to use new software. When I bought my first copy of Adobe Photoshop, I did online computer classes to learn to use the software. It is a complex program with a steep learning curve and lots of updates, new tools added over a period of time. There are also online tutorials available at the Adobe site to learn to use a lot of their software.

A Quick And Convenient Way To Learn

By undertaking online computer classes, you are committing yourself to learn as much as possible about a topic. Just like I was committed to learning as much as I could about Adobe Photoshop. I found the money was worth saving my time on trial and error and frustrations when I could not get the image that I wanted using the help files.

I could not go to a nearby college and do a course on Photoshop as I could not make the time. With online courses, you can do the course anytime is convenient to you. You can do your classes at 11pm at night or even 4am in the morning, if it is convenient for you. If you do your courses at a convenient time to suit you, then there is less chance you will interrupted by a phone call and losing concentration on your course. Increasing your knowledge is one of the top benefits of online computer classes.

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Internet Traffic Drives Success To Your Website

Internet TrafficInternet traffic drives the success of a website. If there is lots of traffic, then your site is popular and you would have a good ranking for your website with the search engines.

If there is hardly any traffic, then there needs to be an assessment to find out why not many people are visiting your site. You may look at ways to attract visitors to your site.

You need to tell everyone on the internet about your site, and build a need for visitors to come to your site. You may have a product, you may have information, you provide a service. Once people on the internet know you can satisfy their needs, then they will come to your site.

More Internet Traffic

Anyone with an commerce site is looking for ways to get more Internet traffic. This is something that has been a problem since these types of sites first started up, and they continue to look for new ways to draw people to their sites.

Some don’t even have to sell anything to make money, but the best money is indeed in selling something. Some of these sites don’t sell products, but they do have ad space that is affected by how many people come and view those ads, and sometimes a resulting sale, through a link, also means money for them.

Advertise All Over The Internet

One way to get good Internet traffic is to advertise all over the Internet. Some do this with banner ads. Pop up ads used to be the preferred method, but now that so many have pop up blockers on their computers, these are just not as affective as they use to be.

Some people are so annoyed with pop ups that they refuse to visit a site that uses them for advertisement. I would imagine that if someone is really interested in what they see, this type of advertisement would indeed generate some Internet traffic, but there are better ways to go about it that might bring in much larger numbers.

Make Sure Your Site Ranks High On Search Engines

Besides straight forward advertising, one of the most popular and affective ways to get Internet traffic to a site is by being sure that the site will rank high on a search engine like Goggle.

There are many search engines online, but this is the one that seems to have the most users. However, others have pull too, so a good site will find ways to rank high on each one so that they can pull in Internet traffic.

Most do this by making sure they have content that is read and recognized by the search engines, and that also has good keyword density.

If you find that you are not getting the Internet traffic that you think you should be getting, you may want to turn to someone who specializes in building and maintaining sites online for help.

They know the tricks of the trade, and they can tell you why your Internet traffic might be low, and what you can do to improve it. Also remember that it often takes time for new sites to take off, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t see great numbers right off the bat. Give it a some time before you start to worry.

Place Articles In Article Directories

Another method is to write articles about your products, providing a link back to your site at the bottom of the article and inside the article. Some article directories do not charge a fee for listing your article, some charge a small fee. Try different directories and see if there is a spike in traffic soon after you publish your articles. You should give period of a few weeks, before you notice a sudden increase in traffic.

Google Adwords

Another way to increase traffic, is to pay for the traffic. You can use Google Adwords to bring traffic to your site. Just be careful with your costs. There are stories of empty credit cards after a few weeks of a campaign on Google Adwords. Set your daily limits and you are in control and check out your stats every day. You may need to tweak your campaign every now and then, to bring in more internet traffic.

If you are getting a spike in traffic and you are earning more than you are paying for the internet traffic, then it is worth continuing. If you are about to lose your shirt, analyse why you are paying so much and why no one is buying. If you are losing too much money, you can always close down the campaign.

You can also advertise in offline magazines, write press releases, on radio and television. They can all bring internet traffic.

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Internet Connection Speed When Online

Internet Connection SpeedInternet connection speed is something everyone on the web talks about. There may be a reason, other than the internet speed, the computer is too slow.

You may have viruses, trojans and spyware on your computer, slowing down the computer to a crawl. So if you notice a sudden slow down, update your anti–viral and anti–spyware software for the latest virus and spyware definitions. Then run a scan on your computer to confirm if it is these internet nasties hogging your computer speed.

After the scan is completed, check the reports from your anti–viral and anti–spyware software to see if anything has been removed. If nothing was found, then it may be your internet connection.

A Busy Site

If you are visiting a site where there are too many people on the site already, then the site would be slow, but if you visit a number of sites and you notice the same problem, then it may be your internet connection speed.

If you are using a dial up service, then it may be the reason your service is so slow. The speed should improve if you take up DSL or cable. You could find out if your current internet service provider supplies a DSL and or cable service in your area. If it is not available, then find another provider who can provide with a faster internet connection speed.

A Very Complex Issue

Internet connection speed is a very complex issue, and one which is subject to a great deal of controversy. All of the ISPs want you to think that they have the best connection speed Internet service.

They will use all kinds of tricks to distort the figures, making the service look much better than it is. In reality, however, it is almost impossible to test Internet connection speeds.

Speed varies so much from day–to–day, from hour to hour, and even based on what applications you are using, that you can’t come up with one number that tells the whole story.

Most Internet Connection Speed Boosters Do Not Work

There are programs that claim to improve Internet connection speed, but many of them do not really work. Some of them will actually make your computer load web pages faster, but there can be risks involved.

Some of them cause increased errors and computer crashes. I have heard of a few Internet connection speed boosters that are even Trojan horse viruses in disguise.

Before you invest money in one of these programs, you should know all the facts. It is important to do some research to find out what Internet connection speed is all about.

Net Neutrality Has Been Compromised

The problem with Internet connection speed is that net neutrality has recently been compromised. Companies are now allowed to send some data more quickly than others, which means that Internet connection speed varies a great deal.

When SBC DSL Internet tells you that they have high Internet connection speed, they are talking about how fast you can download their proprietary services.

If you are just surfing the web – which is what most people do on the Internet – things will actually go a good bit slower. If there are a lot of other people online in your area, your Internet connection speed will decrease even more.

Which One Is Better? DSL Or Cable?

One of the biggest debates in Internet connection speed is whether cable or DSL is better. There are many people on both sides of this issue, and there is no good answer that holds for everyone.

What I have heard most of the time is that cable actually has a little bit of an edge on DSL. Although it can be more expensive, it is also more consistent. At its fastest, DSL might have a better Internet connection speeds than cable.

In practice, however, DSL is seldom running at its fastest. Because it is more susceptible to being slowed down by web traffic, DSL is usually not the best choice.

DSL is much faster than a dial up connection, as there are still a number of people around the world struggling on slow dial up connections. If you are connected to DSL or cable, then consider yourself lucky you are not on the even slower dial up connection.

Until technology is upgraded and improved, we are stuck with DSL and cable to provide the fastest internet connection speed.

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