Answers About Management Software

Answers About Management SoftwareManagement software is certainly a diverse term conveying types of software program that happen to be helpful in supervision, budgeting, resource allocation etc. These types of software make all the work uncomplicated and computerized. You’ll find various kinds of management softwares out there based on the area of work. Few such sorts of computer software are project management software, school management software, property management software, healthcare management software and document management software. Continue Reading →

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Bringing Peace Of Mind With Management Software

Management SoftwareThere are occasions when as a manager you find yourself having lots of duties to control. Project management software can help you deal with the quite a few jobs and can easily be used in various ways that are outlined below. Continue Reading →

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Customer Management Software – What You Should Know

Customer Management SoftwareNowadays companies have to have efficient customer management software to ensure the ongoing growth and stability of their business. Operating a business, after all, isn’t just about delivering goods and services, and making a profit. Continue Reading →

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Audio Books Online For The Quiet Moments Of The Day

Audio Books OnlineAudio books online are becoming more popular these days. It seems with a greater variety of audio books now becoming available, anyone can listen to an audio book in the quiet moments of the day.

Some audio books were originally created for the print handicapped or the visually impaired. These days, anyone who wants to listen to a book or a play or a documentary read to them, they can buy audio books online.

You can do a search online and you will find a number of dedicated sites hosting audio books on a variety of subjects. I have seen an audio book on a book I read as a child. I listened to the audio version and I was trying to think about how I was reading the book, when I was a child, sounding just like the voice in the audio book. Spooky!

Discovery Of Audio Books

When I first discovered audio books online, I was completely stunned and impressed. You see, I grew up on radio plays and radio talk shows.

My parents were both avid listeners of NPR, so they would listen to radio documentaries whenever we were on a long trip. Through audio book online downloads, I get to experience the same interesting programs during my own work day.

Online Tutor On-Call

You see, I spend a lot of time on my computer. I work as an online tutor on-call, which means that I basically wait around until someone needs my services for their homework.

It can be boring work because I spend a lot of the time simply sitting in front of my computer, waiting for someone to contact me with a question.

Finding audio books to download was a great way to make the day a little shorter and more tolerable. I am studying for a degree right now, so it is nice to have a lot of time to study. However, I can’t study all of the time.

Sometimes, I only have a few minutes to wait for a call. If I get involved in studying a textbook, it will be hard to center myself and take the call, while not forgetting the material I have just read.

Listen To Audio Books While Waiting For a Call

That is why I listen to online audio books. With audio books online, I can listen to some pretty pulpy stuff while I am waiting.

I enjoy the audio books online I am listening to, but I don’t get too deeply involved. That means that it is not difficult for me to switch gears and get back to work when I have to.

Before I found audio books online, I used to go to audio book stores. Although I like them, most audio bookstores do not stock the titles that I want.

Audio Documentaries, Radio Plays And Mysteries

I am mostly interested in things that were originally designed to do orally. I enjoy listening to audio documentaries, radio plays, mysteries, and the like. This stuff is much better to listen to, because it is designed to be listened to.

When you listen to fiction read aloud, it is a lot harder to digest it sometimes. The sentences are not necessarily meant to be heard aloud, but the audio books online that I listen to are perfect for my needs.

I have even started my own audio books library from all of the online downloads that I have acquired in the last six months. My collection gets bigger every day!

Audio Books Database

I have created a database so that I know where all the audio books are located. I am using an online database, it is a MySQL database, and now holds the location of several hundred audio books online. As time goes on, it may hold thousands.

They take up too much room to hold on my computer, so I have uploaded all my audio books online, to a server that can hold large media files. When I want to listen to an audio book that I have purchased, all I have to do is connect to the server, browse through the online database and listen to the book of my choice.

I can even pause the story while I am answering a customer query and resume the story after the customer has gone.

I am considering purchasing a number of video books, including documentary video, to add to my collection of audio books online.

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Zone Alarm Download For Your Free Firewall

Zone Alarm DownloadZone alarm download can help prevent online nasties stealing private information when accessing your computer

If you want to guard your privacy on the internet and to prevent hackers stealing information from your computer without your knowledge, then zone alarm can help prevent data theft from your computer.

A good firewall, a good anti–virus and anti–spyware program can help secure your computer against identity theft, viruses, data theft, spyware and other internet nasties. You can get full security with the paid services zone alarm offers to cover total protection against viruses, spyware and trojans.

There are stories on the internet of people losing their data, with data on their hard disks being deleted and losing control of their computer.

You can help prevent these shocking events from happening to your computer with Zone Alarm download. You should also have a good anti–virus and anti–spyware program to prevent viruses and spyware causing havoc to your computer. The complete solution is Zone Alarm Security Suite. This is the paid version of Zone Alarm, while Zone Alarm download is free, it only supplies a firewall.

Zone Alarm Download Is Free

When I needed a good firewall for my computer, I decided to go with the Zone Alarm download. It was free, and I had heard from a friend that she loved it. I went to get the download and found it to be painless and easy.

At first I didn’t know how to set it up, but it seemed to be ok on the default setting so I let it go as it was. It came with a free trial of their paid services, so I decided to see what else they had to offer.

Though the Zone Alarm download seemed to be working well, I noticed a few things were suddenly different on my computer. The animated things on my computer were no longer working.

Moving smilies were frozen in place, and animated pictures that others were trying to show me didn’t seem to be moving. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I noticed that this started after I got my Zone Alarm download.

One Month Free Trial Of Paid Version Of Zone Alarm

I was still in my one–month free trial of the paid Zone Alarm download, so I went in to see how the options were set up. It took me a bit of searching, but I soon found a setting that was for animated ads.

The Zone Alarm download automatically had this set to work, but it was messing up everything else. Though having the animated ads stop was great, it wasn’t a perfect thing, and it was stopping what I wanted to have work as well. I had to shut that feature off to get my smilies back.

A Very Good Program

If you are considering a Zone Alarm download, you should go ahead and do it. Though I had that problem with the animations, I have to say that it is a very good program.

I have another anti virus and spyware program, so I didn’t end up buying their other services. The free Zone Alarm download works very well though, and if you don’t want to buy something; this is most definitely the way to go.

Private Information On Your Computer

You have to tell it which programs to allow access to the Internet, but after that it is smooth and safer sailing. It easily learns what you want and what you don’t want, and warns you when someone is trying to access private information on your computer.

The Zone Alarm download opened my eyes to just how much goes on that you don’t see or know about when surfing without a firewall. It’s scary stuff indeed.

Guard Your Private Information On Your Computer

Hackers can steal your identity details from your computer and buy products without your knowledge. You need to guard all your identity details, including all your password details for access to membership sites, including banking online.

You do not want someone using your identity accessing your bank account and withdrawing all your funds. This is why you need a firewall, to prevent online nasties getting to your computer and stealing your data, and you get a warning if anyone is attempting to access information from your computer.

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Computer Spyware Removal Systems To Speed Up Your Computer

Computer Spyware Removal SystemsA good computer spyware removal system can be just a click away for a person who has a personal computer. The problem is not in finding a good removal program, but rather deciding on what type one should choose.

With two basic types available, freeware and those that one has to pay for on the market, one may feel a little overwhelmed. Taking the time to find out the differences can save a person time, money and frustration in the future.

Freeware Spyware Remover

The first type of computer spyware removal program that one may consider is a freeware spyware remover. Freeware is when a company offers a program for unlimited use, at no charge. Many of these programs are available on the internet.

However, the key to almost eighty percent of these programs is that even though they may be free, they more than likely do not remove the adware or spyware. They only help one to detect it on their personal computer. Spyware adware freeware is great if one just wants to run a scan. The key is when one wants to actually remove the nasty items from their computer.

Paid Spyware Removal Program

When a person does want to remove the spyware, then the choice would be to invest money in a spyware removal program. Even the cheap spyware removal systems on the net do a decent job. Depending on how thorough you want the program to be, will determine how much one will spend.

The best spyware adware removal programs on the net, for those who have a little extra cash and are not concerned with investing for protection, are Spysweeper from Webroot and Ad-aware from Lavasoft.

These programs are highly rated by all the experts, and the price is a miniscule amount to pay in order to protect your computer and data from unscrupulous hackers and viruses.

Investing the time and effort to find the best computer spyware removal program for one’s computer is a critical component when searching the internet. A person should always be thinking of safety when they think of using the net.

Having a good spyware removal program can be the answer to one’s prayers. No matter if one chooses the freeware or the one that has to be paid for, the fact is, being proactive can save future trips to see a doctor pc spyware expert.

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Computer Training Software To Increase Your Knowledge

Computer training softwareComputer training software can help you learn how to run your computer and effective use of software on your computer.

When you install software on your computer, you need to know how to run the software effectively. This is the reason, you get manuals and videos to help you run the software at the optimal level, in quick time.

Whenever you buy new software for your computer, you should always look for training software on the disk or software website. You should also search online for a training course for that software.

Quite often, there are a number of courses available, they are free or at minimal cost. There are some courses where there are fees, but these are targeted for the professional user, who is willing to pay for the course to learn the advanced uses for the software.

Computers Are Everywhere

Computers are more important then ever before. If you don’t use one for your job, you may find that you will soon be doing so. All children should have some sort of computer software training before they leave school, and this should also be something they get with any college course out there.

If you don’t know how to use at least the basic programs you are going to have a hard time qualifying for jobs that you want.

When I decided to go back to college for the second time, I went for computer software training. I had decided that I wanted to get a job in an office, but I didn’t want to go into something like that without knowing the basics of many of the more common programs used today.

I found that my computer software training was a good idea when I got my first and second jobs right after school. For my second job I had to learn to use a Mac, but the basic training I had helped that process along quite nicely.

Working From Home

I have also found that my computer software training has helped with my current career. If you are a writer or work from home in any capacity, you have to know how to use your computer, and you have to know how to use the programs that come with it.

In some cases, you may have to get more programs to add to your computer for work purposes, and it is going to be easier to run those programs if you have some computer software training under your belt. When you know the basics, you can learn other rather easily.

Mini Courses Or Full Courses Of Computer Software Training

You can take a full course of computer software training, or you can sign up for just a few classes. If you just want to know how to use Word or WordPerfect, you can find those classes, and probably for a great price.

You can usually find time at night to take your computer software training classes, and some are offered on weekends. Schools are more flexible than ever before because they know there are many who have full time jobs who need extra training along the way.

In some cases, if your company decides to use a new computer program, they may send everyone for classes to learn how to use it. This is usually at their expense, but you do need to give up some of your free time in most cases.

Running Your Own Business Using Computers

If you run your own business, there are plenty of mini courses available to learn many aspects of computers. A number of mini-courses offer computer software training courses on how to use your computer operating system, how to keep up to date with your accounts to run your business, how to time manage your daily schedules using software on your computer.

There are also degree courses which may take a number of years to complete, depending on the complexity of the course and if you will do the course full time or part–time.

You can never stop learning, there is always something new to help run your business and make your life easier when you use computer training software.

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Anti Adware Spyware Download Software To Protect Your Computer

Anti Adware Spyware DownloadAnti adware spyware download programs are very plentiful on the internet. If a person does a little research, they can discover the best possible programs to help them to avoid a download of spyware and adware from happening on their computer.

However, some people seem to be unable to do anything about the adware pop-ups or spyware from downloading onto their computer. In order to understand how to keep this kind of download from occurring, one must first understand what spyware and adware are, and then one will be able to find the best spyware adware removal program to combat this invasion.

What Is Adware And Spyware?

Before a person can find the perfect software, one should understand what exactly adware and spyware are. Adware is a software that downloads onto one’s computer in order to show advertisements consistently. The ads can be anything from simple banners to very aggressive and annoying pop-ups that can happen all the time.

One may have the feeling that gargoyles have invaded their computer and are toying with it’s insides. Spyware is a little different. Here one can expect to be exposed to unwanted hackers or big brother being able to see into one’s movements on the computer and possibly have access to an individuals identity. This alone is the best reason for one to invest in an ad spyware remover.
computer software web tips

By searching the net, one can find the best removal software that can help to keep one’s computer safe. If you are in the market for inexpensive spyware removal, there are plenty to choose from, some of which are highly rated and free.

A person will have protection against both adware and spyware in a matter of minutes. Many other programs are available too, and one only has to do a quick google search to find the one that is best for them.

Invaluable Anti Spyware And Adware Protection

Anti adware spyware download software protects one’s computer, and that protection can prove to be invaluable. A person invests so much money into their computer, from antivirus protection to all kinds of accessories that are needed, and the last thing a person wants to do is sink more money into their pc.

Luckily, you can download spyware adware removal programs, free of charge. The thing one has to keep in mind is that not all removers are created equal. Research and time are needed to find the perfect protection. No matter what one uses to protect their computer, an individual should always remember that unless they are protected, big brother and a whole realm of other intruders, may be watching.

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Computer Recovery To Retrieve Your Data

Computer RecoveryComputer recovery is a process where data is recovered after a hard disk has failed. There is a good chance you can get most of your data back, but sometimes only up to 95% is recovered.

The best solution is to back up all the data on your hard disk to an external drive, or to a hard disk on another computer and then reboot from your back up data.

Most people do not back up their data and lose everything. Data recovery does not always work and you do not always recover all your data. Computer recovery can be expensive, depending on the amount of work required to recover your data.

Computer Recovery Problems

If you have ever run into a computer recovery problem, you know how traumatic it can be. Computer data recovery is a tenuous prospect at best. If you forget to back up your computer data before an accident happens, you can be in for a terrible loss.

Computer system restore procedures only work a fraction of the time. It is true that there are certain precautions that you can take. You can create a boot disk ahead of time, for example, that will load up your computer when some error happens.

Perhaps the computer hardware finally fails, or perhaps the software develops a bug in it. Whatever the reason, it is time to bring in the computer recovery professionals to do the job right.

When I lost about half a year of work on my computer, I thought I was done for. My final report was due within a week, and I was not aware of the things that data recovery experts can do. I tried every computer recovery technique that I knew.

Power Supply Failure

My computer power supply, you see, had failed suddenly. It had sent a surge to the hard drive, which in turn had caused it to scratch the disk. It was improbable, but it does happen now and then. Hard drives fail just like any other part of the computer.

Just when I thought all was lost, a friend of mine told me about what computer recovery experts can do. He told me that he had to restore a computer before after having the hard drive completely ruined.

It was so bad, in fact, that he could not even get his computer to boot up! Nonetheless, the computer recovery people recovered about 95% of his data. All of his most important files were accessible. I gave it a try, and wouldn’t you know it – it worked for me! Computer recovery almost literally saved my life. At the very least, it saved my job.

Back Up Every Time

Now I know to back up all my hard disks to an external hard disk on another computer. So if the computer fails, I can reboot from the other computer. I have not had any problems since I have installed this new system, but every time, before I switch off the computer, I set it to back up all my hard disks to the external drive.

I just do not want to lose my data again.

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PC Computers Are Still The Real Workhorse

PC ComputersPC computers are in widespread use and run most computer systems, although the mobile worker may prefer a laptop or tablet these days. When the mobile worker goes back to the office, they are more likely to use a desktop pc computer to do their real work, rather than a laptop.

A lot of the laptops are restricted by disk space, memory and other issues to make them viable for the real hard work, like backing up data, creating video, graphics and multimedia.

If you need a computer with a lot of give and to work hard for you, you will need a pc computer desktop. If you want to back up your data, create video, graphics and multimedia and do not want to keep running out of memory and hard disk space then good quality pc computers with large hard disks and lots of memory are your solution.

PC Computer In Your Home

There is a lot to be said about PC computers. A desktop model is something that will sit in your home, and will take care of all your personal needs.

Though a portable laptop is more convenient in some cases, you may still want to have a desktop in your home. For some reason, they still seem more secure, and more convenient when it comes to using a computer at home.

Even better, the prices for good PC computers have come down drastically. When you think of computer capabilities from five years ago, and the prices they charged at that time, you’re getting twice a computer today for half the money you spent then.

Though laptops are becoming more popular, there is still a huge market for PC computers. If you go to an electronic store, you will probably see an even display of both types.

Even though I love my laptop, I am glad that my husband is still interested in having PC computers in our home. Though the one we have now is very old, he will be replacing it soon with a newer model. He briefly considered getting a laptop of his own, but decided that he wanted to give PC computers another chance.

More Options With New PC Computers

When you buy PC computers today, you have more options than ever before. Some companies will allow you to design your computers exactly as you want them to be. This means that if you are into computer gaming, they can build a system just for you.

If you use your computer for business, there are many additional things they can add. For those who take a lot of photos, or like to play around with video, you can find PC computers that are made just for you. Some companies insist on customize your computer before they send it to you.

Off The Shelf PC Computers

You can still buy off-the-shelf PC computers in your favorite electronic store. These will not be personalized, but if you decide that is what you want, you can order your PC computers through the store.

I recently ordered my laptop computer this way, and it came to my home within five days. I was surprised that it got to me that fast, as it was right in the middle of the Christmas season. If you want to order your PC computers this way, they will probably come to you as quickly as that.

The best part about this arrangement was that I didn’t have to pay shipping, and I got the computer I wanted without having to wait weeks for the store to restock.

Custom Made PC Computers

I later bought two brand new pc computers. I wanted them custom made to suit my needs and run on a network. I needed one computer to do all my back up and the other computer to be the workhorse.

I got both computers within 6 days. The dealer said they would have completed them quicker, but I wanted a specific motherboard for each one and they had to wait for the specific motherboards to arrive. Otherwise I would have had both custom made pc computers within a couple of days.

I was surprised at the quick turnaround. I was surprised at the price too. A few years ago, the amount I paid for both computers I would have the case and a couple of 40GB hard disks, motherboard and a low quality graphics card.

This time around, I got three 500GB hard disks for my backup computer, a good motherboard, with a medium quality graphics card and a quality case. All for less than half the price of my first computer(one hard disk and a dodgy graphics card, which had to be replaced) with Windows 95 on it.

The price for hardware has fallen so dramatically, that I think in the future, we may only pay for the software and get the hardware free!

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Hard Disk Recovery And Backing Up Your Data

Hard Disk RecoveryHard disk recovery is sometimes difficult to accomplish, as there is a risk that not all your data will be recovered. You may have important data, needed to run your business and all the data is on one hard disk.

The solution is to have another hard disk on another computer to back up all your hard disks on to this huge hard disk. Update the backup as often as possible.

If you work on your computer daily, then you should update your backups daily.

Hard Disk Recovery

One thing that strikes terror in the heart of any computer owner are the thoughts that a hard disk recovery is needed to repair a computer.

Though this can not be as damaging as it used to be, there are times when it means that everything on someone’s computer will be wiped out and they will have to start all over again.

This is usually disastrous because many people don’t back up like they should. I do somewhat, but I have lost important files this way even though I know better.

My new computer did not come with any type of CD for hard disk recovery. This was something I had to make on my own. I’m not sure how much I like that, as many won’t do it.

Not Everyone Can Fix A Computer

Though there is always a way to fix a computer, there are times when this is necessary and it is not something everyone can do. In order to keep this updated, someone would have to make these back up disks once a week and that means burning a large amount of DVDs and wasting a lot of productive time.

When there is an error on any computer, the first thing someone should do is try to use a recovery. This sets the computer back to a place when everything was working well, perhaps earlier that day or the day before.

Without Losing Recently Saved Files

This can often fix many problems, and on newer versions of computers this type of program allows this to happen without losing any files that have been recently saved.

It use to be that if you did this, you would lose anything that was saved in between the current time and the time the computer reverted back to. This should be done before the hard disk recovery is considered.

Hard Disk Recovery As A Last Resort

When it seems that there is nothing left to do other than the hard disk recovery, it is a good idea to take the computer to someone to see if they can fix it without wiping everything out.

Even if the hard disk recovery needs to be done, they might be able to save some of the files on the computer so that everything is not lost. If you have a lot of files that you don’t want to lose and can’t replace, this is the way to go. The money spent will be well worth it if they can save important files from being lost forever.

Recovery Depends On Level Of Damage To Hard Disk

With a hard disk recovery, sometimes all of the files can be saved even the hard is not too badly damaged. I had a hard disk that gave up on me and would not work.

I had a technician recover all the data and place the data on a new hard disk. All the data was saved and all my programs worked on the new hard disk.

The old hard disk was more than five years old, as it kept working, I thought it might last forever. The last day came and the disk was dead. But the data was able to be recovered in full.

Always Backup Your Hard Disk

If you are concerned about losing your data, you should get backup software and a separate hard disk on another computer, where you can backup your data. So if your hard disk crashes you can always recover your data from your backup disk.

The main lesson here, is to always back up your data on your hard disks to an external hard disk.

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Basic Computer Training To Increase Your Skills

Basic Computer TrainingBasic computer training is an essential tool at work, to advance your business or when looking for a new job.

If you are looking at advancing your career, having basic computer training will be an advantage and may help you gain that promotion you have been looking for a long time.

If you are looking for a new job, having basic computer skills will be an added skill you can enter on your CV. Employers are always looking for multi skilled employees.

Basic Computer Knowledge

You may not have a lot of interest in working in depth with computers, but in today’s world, you have to have some basic computer training under your belt in order to do almost any job out there.

Not only will this training help you with your job, it can put you in a better position for a promotion if some of your coworkers don’t know what they are doing. Many students get basic computer training while they are in high school and college, but if you are not in either of those, you have to find somewhere else to get some training.

Basic Computer Training

If you need to get some basic computer training, you should call your local community college to see what they have to offer. You may be able to take some basic classes in computers and computer software and it may not cost you very much to do it.

You may want to take classes on using the Internet, and also look into learning how to use a word processor like Word. In most cases the school should be able to recommend what basic computer training you may need depending on what you already know how to do.

If you have a teenager in your home, you may not even need to pay for basic computer training. Though it may seem like bizarre backwards world to you, your teenager maybe able to teach you what they know, and you may be surprised to find out that they are well versed in basic computer training.

Computers Are A Major Part Of Education

They are growing up with computers being a major part of their educational experience, and you may be able to learn all you need to know from them to get you on the right track.

Once you have some basic computer training under your belt, you will probably be able to teach yourself the rest of it. I know this is how I learned about computers. I learned to do the basic stuff and I taught myself the rest of it through trial and error.

I have a lot of friends who can get online, but they don’t know how to do much else. I have unwittingly become their teacher for basic computer training, not that I mind that much.

As long as I can show them what to do with any degree of certainty, I don’t mind helping them out at all, especially if it helps improve their online or work experience.

Use Your Computer Knowledge To Advance Your Career

Once you are armed with basic computer knowledge, you can use this to get higher level positions at work, to advance your business or include it in you CV when looking for a job.

Employers are always looking for workers with multi-skills and once you add your computer skills you will be easily more employable.

Almost everything these days need a computer to run, including your car, the traffic lights on the road. A lot of the new refrigerators come with an on board computer and you can arrange for all your appliances to be accessible from the internet.

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Article Marketing v Network Marketing

Article Marketing v Network MarketingMaking money on the internet as an affiliate marketer or network marketer are two of the top ways to make money online. You don’t need any special skills or talents to succeed as an internet affiliate marketer, the cost of getting started can be zero, and the earning potential is unlimited. Internet marketing can be learnt by anyone who possesses average intelligence, some patience and a willingness to learn.

Affiliate marketing

Internet affiliate marketing means selling other people’s goods or products online. You can do this by sending prospective buyers direct to the sales page for the product, or you can send the buyers to your own website where you can “pre-sell” the product. Pre-selling can take many forms but one of the most popular methods of pre-selling an affiliate product is to write a review of the product and post that on a website or blog of your own.

Some affiliate marketers go on to produce and sell their own goods or programs, but the vast majority are happy to earn money without the hassle of research, product development, testing etc.


The heart of affiliate marketing is learning about promotion. Effective forms of promotion include placing classified ads, pay per click advertising on search engines, placing banners on other websites.

Article marketing

The finest form of free website promotion is what is called “Article Marketing”. This means you write a short article (or pay a ghost writer to write an article for you) on a subject relating to the affiliate product you are promoting, and submit it to free online Article Directories. The article will be accompanied by an author’s “resource box” which contains a link to a web page of your choice.

The main article directories are given high ranking status by the search engines. Therefore, an article posted on your website or blog which might never see the light of day in searches, can appear at spot number 1 on an article directory.

People looking for information about the product will read your article and some will click the link to your website in search of further information. Some of those visitors will make a purchase through your affiliate link and you will get paid commission.

An informative well-written article can continue to bring visitors to your website for years to come and you can potentially earn thousands of dollars just from publishing one article.

Articles for backlinking

As well as directly introducing visitors to your website, the link in your article resource box provides what is called a one way “backlink” to your website, thereby increasing its stature in the search engines. (click the following link to read more about how backlinking works)

The viral effect

Articles published at online article directories are often picked up by other webmasters and posted as content on their websites or blogs. In return for the use of your article as content, the webmasters are required to include your resource box to provide a live link back to your website, thus giving you more links without any additional effort required on your part.

Your articles might also be used by ezine (ezine is short for “electronic magazine”) publishers as content for online or email based ezines. Again use of your article is conditional upon inclusion of your resource box, so anyone reading the article can choose to visit your website and they might decide to make a purchase through your affiliate link.

Network marketing

Network marketing is often called Multi Level Marketing (“MLM” for short). The way you make money with MLM is by joining a network as an affiliate for a product. You promote the product and earn commission on all sales you make. You also introduce new members into the company network and you will be paid commission on all sales made by the people you have recruited. Your team of recruits introduce more members and you will also receive commission on their sales.

The majority of MLM companies promote one product. You have probably seen advertisements for people to join opportunities to make money promoting various health related products (notably berry juices), weight loss aids and cleaning products to name but a few.

Network marketing is a legitimate way to make money online. You can also promote MLM products offline if you enjoy selling to people face to face.

MLM is frequently promoted as a source of ongoing passive income. The idea is that you will build up a large sales team and, when you retire from active promotion, all you need to do is continue to pay a membership fee and the network will carry on making money for you.

MLM can be a good way to make money, and it has the advantage of being easy to learn. One drawback with MLM as a business model is the fact that you will be relying on other people for your retirement income. If the owner of the company decides to retire and close the business down, your retirement income that you spent years building up will be gone in a flash.

My advice would be to enjoy the income you get from MLM as you earn it, but don’t bank on it producing an income forever. The internet is not the place to invest your retirement fund.

Article marketing has the advantage of bringing faster results (and, therefore, earlier cashflow) than MLM. Article marketing also puts you in control of your business. Given these facts as well as the unlimited cashflow opportunity, I would recommend article marketing as a better source of income than network marketing.

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