Answers About Management Software

Answers About Management SoftwareManagement software is certainly a diverse term conveying types of software program that happen to be helpful in supervision, budgeting, resource allocation etc. These types of software make all the work uncomplicated and computerized. You’ll find various kinds of management softwares out there based on the area of work. Few such sorts of computer software are project management software, school management software, property management software, healthcare management software and document management software. Continue Reading →

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Bringing Peace Of Mind With Management Software

Management SoftwareThere are occasions when as a manager you find yourself having lots of duties to control. Project management software can help you deal with the quite a few jobs and can easily be used in various ways that are outlined below. Continue Reading →

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Customer Management Software – What You Should Know

Customer Management SoftwareNowadays companies have to have efficient customer management software to ensure the ongoing growth and stability of their business. Operating a business, after all, isn’t just about delivering goods and services, and making a profit. Continue Reading →

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How to Buy Website Traffic from Social Bookmarking Services

Social Bookmarking ServicesHaving a website isn’t so difficult, the hard part comes with promoting it to the point where is gets a decent amount of traffic. This can take a great deal of effort short of mastering how and where to buy website traffic. Undoubtedly a surefire way to get visitors to your website is indeed to “simply” buy traffic, but more importantly is to learn how to use social bookmarking services. Mastering this will mean that they can handle the tedious tasks while you get to work on the more important sides of your site.

Social bookmarking is great because it works on two different levels. First, it can drive direct traffic to your website quickly because people are constantly browsing social bookmarking sites for information and new things to check out. Secondly, search engines are taking social bookmarking shares into strong consideration when determining the value of a website and how high they should rank it.

With that being said, it can sometimes be challenging to find a social bookmarking service that does high quality work because there are so many of them out there. Below are a few things that you should look for in such services to determine whether or not they are reliable and worth your time.

First, they should use legitimate accounts on each website and vary their usage over time. Some social bookmarking services will use too few accounts and they will get banned after a while due to very high usage, but a reliable service will take care of this by keeping their accounts fresh and full of quality content.

These accounts will exist on only the top social bookmarking websites that have good reputations and actual users. Submitting to sites that do not have good reputations can actually end up hurting your website’s rankings, as the links are viewed as being low quality.

They will also commonly allow for several variations of each submission per package you order. For example, they will let you create 3 different titles and descriptions for your submission so they are more unique. This is a big advantage and can make your campaign much more effective.

One of the most common things that goes wrong with social bookmarking packages is that they are done at too high of a volume, which can raise some red flags not only at the bookmarking sites, but at search engines as well. A high quality social bookmarking service will space their submissions out over several days to prevent this from happening. This makes for much more natural looking links.

Reporting is also a big thing that you should keep an eye out for. When your link has been submitted to all of the social bookmarking websites that you want, you should receive a detailed report telling you about it. You should be able to see the links within the report so you can double check to make sure that they were done properly.

If you see these few things when evaluating a social bookmarking service, you can feel good about using them. Sites that buy website traffic can easily achieve a higher PageRank when combining themselves with social bookmarking. A service that uses only the top sites, submits to quality accounts and can distribute your links at rates that will not raise any issues will be a great asset to your website and business. Quality social bookmarking can ensure not only that you get more traffic immediately, but that you will get more over time as well.

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Text Marketing

Text MarketingText Marketing, often also referred to as SMS Marketing or Mobile Marketing, is without doubt the hottest, most efficient and most powerful advertising method for any business right now. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small start up company, a one man online marketer or an offline Pizza restaurant in Texas. Text Marketing is PERFECT for Brick ‘n’ Mortar businesses and online businesses alike.  In the articles below I will discuss the drawbacks, benefits, possible pitfalls and some good tips on how to use text marketing for maximum results. So…

Some Common Text Marketing Mistakes:

When sending a bulk text message, your subscribers instantly receive your promotion on their mobiles. This is usually great of course but there are some common mistakes I see business owners do way too often. So, with that in mind, here are some common mobile marketing mistakes that business owners make when implementing their text marketing campaigns:

•    With a text message you only have 160 characters to get your message across so be concise, clear and get to the point. This is no place for chit-chat.
•    Some people (i.e the customers in your restaurant) might be reluctant to sign up for a text message subscription list unless there is a really good reason why they should do so. It is therefore important that you come up with a good call to action.  Offer a solid discount, freebies or whatever that will attract your customers. It might cost you a few pennies now but you will get it back ten-fold or more down the line.
•    Right now, text marketing is in a very early phase much like e-mail marketing back in the earlier parts of the last decade. What this means to you, is that right now you have a very good chance of building a solid list of subscribers as people will not be too familiar with mobile marketing. Once text marketing loses its “wow” effect and more and more companies jump on the bandwagon there is a good chance you will have to work harder to get people on your subscriber list as there will be more competition. Now, however, it is EASY!

These are mistakes I see people make on a regular basis so now you have been warned. Text marketing is currently very easy to do so just make sure you send out clear and concise text messages to your subscribers and make sure you give them a good reason to sign up to your list in the first place.

The drawbacks of Text Marketing?

Today, seriously, I cannot think of one single drawback. Mobile Marketing is quick, it’s efficient, it’s easy, it’s low cost, it can be done from almost anywhere where you can access a PC or a mobile and it allows for some very easy communication. The only possible drawback must be that you can only use 160 words…

A few tips to help you achieve success with your Text Marketing Campaigns…

•    Don’t just send out one way communications. Use your subscribers to give you input on your business, run a poll to find out what your customers really like. People loves to share their opinions!
•    Make sure you have your Mobile Marketing Short Code on all your marketing material online and offline and…
•    Always give people a good reason to get on your subscribers list!

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How To Make Money On A Website

Make Money On A WebsiteThere are many ways to make money online. One of the easiest ways is to build a web site on a market you are familiar with, and earning money by displaying advertisements on the website. You need to spend some money to set up a website, but it can be highly productive and advantageous in the end. Following shows 5 methods by which you can make money from your website.

1.) How to make money on a website: Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is selling other people’s products or services and getting a commission of profit in return for directing clients to other sites. This is a really helpful method to get the most from your own website. The procedure is simple.  Just Sign up for affiliate programs like Amazon and ClickBank and place affiliate links of relevant products on your website. It is critical that you should just promote the products that are related to the content of your website. Hence, if your website is about health then you should select health related products from the affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to answer how to make money on a website.

2.) How to make money on a website: Advertising on your website

Advertising implies to display ads of other products or services on your website. There are a lot of networks which offer advertisements to webmasters, such as Google AdSense, infolinks or chitika. These are cost-per-click advertisements that will pay you every time someone clicks on the ad. Do remember not to place too many ads on your websites. In order not to be deal as spammy, your should just provide a reasonable space for advertisements. When you get large amount of visitors to your website, you can also get in touch with advertisers relating to your niche to get ads for your website. This is another good way to solve how to make money on a website.

3.) How to make money on a website: Sell products

Promoting different products over your website can get good income because people from all over the world are able to visit your website in no time. And creating up-sell and down-sell products is an important criteria for any product sales campaign that desires to maximize earnings and increase sales. An up-sell is the higher version of the basic product and is offered at a higher price, Down-sell is a special version of your basic product that is offered at a lower price. And the regular version of your product is provided at a rate between the up-sell and the down-sell. This skill will help you get a premium sale that would never happen through normal ways. And you can at least earn an enhanced profit from the down-sell. If the customer only choose to purchases the basic product, it’s also good for you. This is also important for how to make money on a website.

4.) How to make money on a website: Create a marketplace

Send offers to different companies or post jobs to list their advertisements by creating a marketplace on your website. Give special offers (discounts) to all people who are interested to post something on the marketplace. Website visitor is the key consideration that the potential clients will take into account when considering to place an ad. Add a Google search toolbar to your website. If someone cannot find information he/she needs on the website, then Google search toolbar can be used to redirect the visitor to other relating sites. This is also a good skill for how to make money on a website

5.) How to make money on a website: Do SEO

No matter what to sell online, traffic is the key. And SEO is an important method to drive traffic to your website. Use the Google keyword tool to find your target keywords and try to include these target keywords in posts of your website. Write articles and submit them to different article directories like EzineArticles or ArticlesBase and set up backlinks linking back your website in the body of the articles. So that whenever a reader wants to know more on that niche, he/she can reach your website just by clicking on your backlinks. This skill ensures target visitors to your website. Writing articles with backlinks on article directories is critical to how to make money on a website.

How to make money on a website? The process is simple. But you should carefully plan it before taking actions. Think about the content of your website, how to drive traffic to your website and what channel you want to use to turn the traffic into income, etc. Thinking and taking action and you will find the answer for how to make money on a website.

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Ways To Make Money From Home For Free

Ways To Make Money From HomeIf you are looking for ways to make money from home for free, take a look at this article which will show you three great ways to make money from home on the internet. And the greatest thing is that they are totally free!

At present, a lot of people come onto the internet considering that they have to pay some money just to begin an online business. Though that might be true, lots of people have not realized that it is really also possible to earn money at home online without having to spend a single dime. However, it is unquestionably quicker to earn money online by using some paid tools. Why? Because it can help you do a lot of time much faster and save so much time. Yet, whether or not you want to invest some money in these tools are only up to you. What is recommended it that you’d better have a good understanding of how the internet marketing operates before paying money. Keeping doing things manually yourself till at least you have earned some money then reinvest in some nice tools that will help make more money quicker.

Following are three good ways to make money from home for free over the internet:

Ways to make money from home for free: Facebook Marketing

Lots of people know that Facebook is an online social network that lets people to communicate with each other. This is exactly why you are willing to use Facebook as a marketing platform! First of all what you need to do is to get a good product that you want to sell. It can be anything you are interested in. Some nice places to get started are ClickBank and Commission Junction. ClickBank provides digital goods while CJ offers physical goods. Join in and get an affiliate link of the product from these affiliate networks and then simply tell people about it. If they purchase from your link, you earn money!

Ways to make money from home for free: Twitter Marketing

This is another popular online social community that lets you to interact with thousands of thousands of people simply by “following” them and they “following” you. The core is to gain as many followers as you can. If you are going to promote piano ebooks, you may go and seek for people who are piano fans. One method to do this is to get famous pianists. Then find the followers of the pianists and then follow them. After following them, some of them will follow you back. When you have built up a large number of followers, send a tweet out to them to tell them about the piano ebook. Again once they purchase through your affiliate link, you make money!

Ways to make money from home for free: Yahoo Answers

This is one of the greatest methods to make money from home for free. Most people will have various questions on their troubles. This is where you can take advantage of a product you promote to solve their problems. This is the ideal place since people are already looking for an answer or a solution or a product. There is where you may come in with your website or affiliate link, give them some honest helpful suggestions to answer their questions then bring in the product that you are sell and tell them to have a try if they want faster or better result.

Nowadays, there are a lot of different ways to make money from home for free and the above three ones are what I think the best. No matter which way you use to make money online, the key is taking action. You will get nothing if you never get your hands dirty and start doing something.

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Influence Optimization: 3 Twitter Tools

3 Twitter ToolsBelow are 3 tools that will show you how well you’re doing with influencing your social graph.

1. TweetCharts
This Twitter search tool will help you generate lots of data about topics, hashtags or Tweeters, which is useful information whether you’re measuring your own influence, monitoring your mentions or checking out your followers or competition.
Some examples:

  • Research the influence of specific Tweeters
  • See whether the mentions of your hashtag, URL or Twitter search keyword are positive or negative
  • Track whether a Tweet got mentions through another user’s original Tweet or just retweets without additional comments
  • Find out whether your followers or mentioners are more likely to be male or female

This info is crucial for marketers who are tracking their own Twitter campaigns, tracking their competition or checking to see how hot a particular search is. It was developed as a lead-gen tool for HubSpot but has plenty to recommend it on its own.

2. TwentyFeet
If you just want to track your influence by the numbers in your Twitter account (number of followers, number of retweets and mentions, etc.), this service gives you those facts in a series of color-coded line charts. You’ll get a fast, one-glance look at how you’re doing on the metrics that matter the most to your social media strategy.

TwentyFeet is a freemium/premium service that allows you to track one account each on Twitter and Facebook at no charge. Other services, including MySpace, YouTube and the URL shortening service can be tracked for an annual charge that begins at $2.49 at time of writing.

You can toggle among all of the services via a drop-down menu on your dashboard and also specify the date range for which you want data, from yesterday through the previous 365 days.

3. Tweepi
Whom you know, and who knows you, are two of the biggest measurements of influence on Twitter. This tool will help you gain insights into your Twitter influence on your followers and help you track down influential people to follow.

Tweepi scans your Twitter follow and follower lists and identifies those who follow you but whom you don’t follow yet as well as those whom you follow but who don’t reciprocate. With this data, you can find new people to follow, based on topics or interests, or reach out to influential nonfollowers.

When you want to check someone out, Tweepi serves up some quick insights, such as their Twitter stats, how active they are on Twitter, etc.
Tweepi offers a premium service, but you can get plenty of information from the basic service. Click the “Good Old Free Tweepi” button on the homepage to get started.

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Making Money From Home

Making Money From HomeMaking money from home is really possible and easier than you may think. By understanding some SEO or search engine optimization skills, anyone is able to begin his/her online business, drive a lot of traffic, which can be turned into sales and money. Someone can even earn a 6 figure income, in their spare-time, from home. This is a normal thing at present. Even some teens are making more than their parents because they know how to utilize the online business market. Following I will talk about basic steps for how to get a website climbing to the first page of Google. The nice thing about SEO is that it is totally free. Let’s get started.

I need to make money from home: Choose a profitable market or niche

Actually the “make money online” market is itself a good option. People who are doing searches on the internet to find methods to earn money are also imply themselves: I need to make money from home. If you set up a blog or website to provide information of how to make money online, the visitors are very likely to buy or opt in whatever you are promoting. The more traffic you get the more you will earn. It’s that simple.

I need to make money from home: Do keyword research

It is important to find some target keywords which many people are typing in the search engines. The goal is to put your blogs or websites in front of as many people as possible. As your website starts driving lots of visits, you may also display ads on it. Eery time a reader clicks on the ad, you get paid. But you’d better not to target too general keyword phrases. “Make money online” is too general and competitive to get good ranking in the search engines. If competition is too tough, you won’t get any chance to rank. Try to get more specific keywords like “make money online for stay-at-home moms”. Targeting the correct keyword is very important to whether you can successfully make money online at home.

I need to make money from home: Provide good content

Try your best to provide good information on you website to the visitors. Search engines love quality content and are willing to rank such website higher. Mention your target keywords through out your web pages or articles and search engines will know what your website is talking about and tend to rank you website higher for these keywords. Don’t take building your website as hobby. Consider your website or blog as an estate that can be maintained online and will generate decent income from time to time.

I need to make money from home: Gain back links

These are many websites that will allow users to post links direct to other websites, such as Twitter, Hubpage, Facebook, Squidoo, Blogger, etc. Register in these popular websites and post your link in your profile or article page of these sites. Then search engines may consider your website as popular and will give it more authority and higher rankings.

I need to make money from home: Take action

You will get nothing if you never take action. Keep saying to yourself, I need to make money from home and doing the job by following above steps. Keep moving forward everyday. That’s the key to success.

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Business VoIP Solutions Explained

Business VoIP SolutionsBusiness VoIP Solutions at the moment in time of writing is even now a relatively new technology, although it has progressed to a place nowadays where it is easily accessible and affordable for small business VoIP solutions to be installed to allow together cost savings plus extra telephone gains for the end customer.

If you manage a small business presently there are currently two key VoIP phone choices that you should take into account whilst upgrading an existing communication system, or setting up the implementation of a new one for the first stage.

(1) On site hosted Business VoIP solution – This service revolves around around having the IP PBX main control unit into the desired office, with phone terminals or soft telephones connected internally.

(2) Remotely hosted VoIP SIP. I.e. the equipment is at the vendors premises, off site.

Both of the aforementioned VoIP systems are able to offer, much more than sufficient phone communications to a business, and both will tend to be rather comparable in charges if you were to look at them during a period of 3 years or more. To make it easier to make a side by side comparison of charges with these voip solutions it is preferable to build in the initial upfront set up costs, i.e. components, system installation, telephone business line set up charges, system training shared with the on-going month-to-month charges which incorporate the telephone business line rentals, call fees, business SIP trunking seats rentals and any service and support expenses offered by the provider.

After a selection has been made as to which solution best matches your business style you will need to be concerned about your current phone or new phone number requirements to try and make sure that these can be met by the business VoIP provider. Lastly your interior cabling needs ought to be mentioned (are you going to be using the older cabling or will a brand new one be connected) and it is then just a matter of then waiting for the business VoIP solution to be installed, which from moment of ordering should be in the order of three to four weeks.

After you have accrued all of the charges it is most likely as remarked above that you will notice the charges to be pretty alike, this would leave you with the selection of which solution is best suited to your actual organizations business, if perchance you are expected to expand speedily then a off premise hosted smaller VoIP solution by and large allows for limitless expansion, on the other hand if you are large on security then you possibly will prefer to have a VoIP phone solution that you can host and deal with in house to be much more in control of your network.

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Log In Without A Password?

Log In Without A Password?Passwords are present everywhere to protect computer operating systems, mobile phones, cable TV decoders, automated teller machines (ATMs), etc. The history of passwords is too old, but the first computer password was introduced in 1961. From then until today passwords have covered a long journey. Now the  craze of text password is going to end. Many IT firms are trying to invent new methods of user authentication.

 Here we are going to introduce Next Gen authentication technique.

1. Open ID- This login technique is pretty cool & many tech giant firms like- Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, AOL, and WordPress support this free and open source identification system. Many open ID providers myopenid.con, provide open ID. By using these open IDS user may to more than 50,000 websites. Just one password &  access up to 50,000 websites !
Scope- Web services’ log in.
Weakness – If hacker will steal your one password [open ID], he will get access to 50,000 websites.
2. Browser ID – With BrowserID, there is a better way to sign in without entering password. Many email service provider supports this technique. They generate pair of keys on request of user. One [private key] is integrated into browser & another one [public key]   remains in the mail service. When user want to log in to  his mail account, browser sends that integrated [private] key to mail server & after validating this key server provides access to user. No need to remember password !
Scope- Web services’ log in.
Weakness – Hacker may steal your key by exploiting your browser data.
3. Picture Password – Use of set of pictures in place of textual password for authentication is convenient method.  Microsoft is developing this authentication technique. The Picture Password authentication mechanism has two distinct parts: the initial password enrollment and subsequent password verification. During enrollment, a user selects a picture & creates some gesture on that selected picture. User can draw circle and line gestures. While login time user has to select that picture & draw same type of gesture on the picture. Someone trying to reproduce your picture password needs to not only know the parts of the image you highlighted and the order you did it in, but also the direction and start and end points of the circles and lines that you drew.
Scope – In Smart phones, tablets, touch powered devices.
Weakness – 
  • While drawing gestures smudges left onscreen can be a loophole for hacker to get your picture password.
  • Less convenient for such PCs which are powered by mouse not by touch.
4. Face Recognition – Every person has special line patterns of his chin, eyes, nose, forehead and mouth. This line pattern is unique & in whole world this special line pattern of someone cannot be same of any others. Face recognition technique totally depend on this line pattern. FC system [Face Recognition System] compares image of user captured by webcam or any other cam with registered profile picture of user. If pattern will be same then it will grant access to user.
Scope – In laptops, Ultrabooks, Netbooks, Smart phones, Tablets.
  • May fail in many conditions – Long hair, sunglasses, poor lighting, other objects partially covering the subject’s face, and low resolution images.
  • A big smile can render the system less effective.
  • It will not work properly if face is off more than 20 degree.
5. Finger Print – Give your password the finger with finger print authentication.  Fingerprint scanner scans your fingerprints and matches it with already stored your fingerprints.  After verification user gets access. Just swipe your finger & get access !
Scope – In desktops, Laptops, Netbooks, Ultrabooks, at airports.
Weakness –Expensive & cumbersome for most users.
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Top 10 Online Image Editors (Free Alternative To Photoshop)

Online Image EditorsImage designing & editing is really interesting work. Many people will agree with me that Photoshop is most famous software in graphic designer’s community .Paint.NET, Corel Draw, GIMP are also famous image editing tools. Everyone can easily play with any image using his favorite software in his own PC or laptop. Real problem occurs when they are away from their work place , far way from their favorite software.Here I am giving a list of some famous online image editors. By using them you can edit images any where without worrying to buy costly software as well as without tension to install them. smiley

Sumo Paint Editor:-

Sumo Paint editor is very powerful online image editor, powerful like sumo wrestler cheeky.In my opinion it is true online version of mighty beast software PHOTOSHOP (sorry Photoshop Express crying)It has very good features:-

1. Layer based image editor

2. Good range of filters (3D,Blur,Noise,Distort,Pixelate,Light effect,Texture…)

3. Wide range of image adjustment tools (Brightness-contrast,Hue-saturation ,Gradient…)

4. Many Shape drawing tool(Rectangle tool,Rounded Rectangle tool, Circle tool,Pie tool,Star tool,Symmetry tool,Bulky Star tool,Curve tool,Line tool…)

5. Gradient fill tool,Eye-dropper tool,Ink tool, and many many other great features………….


1. Layer based image editor

2. Good filters (Blur,Sharpen,Jitter,Metal Glow …….)

3. Color adjustment features ( Hue & saturation control,Brightness & contrast,Invert color ..)

3. Image transformation,distortion

4. Smudge tool

5. Freeform selection tool,Magic wand tool

6. History tool is avilable.By using it you can go back if you have made any mistake.

7. Liquify tool …..and many more :)


1. Pixlr have wide range of filters,more than any other online image editor. (more than 20 filters)

2. It is available in many languages (around 30 languages)

3. Pixlr also provide history tool just like Aviary.

4. Layer based this image editor have many features regarding to layers (layer move up-move down,layer mask,merge down,merge visible…)

5. Nice adjustment features

6. Selection tools (Lasso tool,Wand tool),Gradient tool,Clone Stamp tool,Smudge tool,Sponge tool,Dodge tool,Burn tool,Pinch tool,Bloat tool ……

Flash Image Editor:-

Flash image editor is based on Adobe Flash which have some fantastic features:-

1. Layers and Layer Transfer Modes for Special Effects

2. Filters like: Blur, Inner/Outer Glow, Drop Shadow, Sharpen.

3. Effect Filters like: Metal, Gold, Plastic, Liquid, Casino, and more.

4. Integrated Clipart Gallery by which you can update easily with your own Frames, templates and Clip art.

5. Crop Photos, Add Text, Draw Gradients, Resize Images, Draw Shapes and Lines & many others…

Photoshop Express:-

Photoshop Express is cute child of Photoshop family.It is online version of Photoshop with some great features:-

1. Crop, Resize, Rotate

2. Good options for image adjustment (Highlight,Burn,Sharpen,Dodge…)

3. Eye touching effects (Sketch,Tint,Black & White,Crystallize…)

4. Decorative features are nice.

Below online image editors have not too features,but very user friendly & good for image touch up,cropping-resizing, for text decoration.



Free online photo editor:-




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How To Split A Pdf Into Many Pdfs Online ?

Split A PdfPDF [portable document format] is best file type to share data, developed by Adobe Systems. Although PDF is too much famous, it is not much flexible like other file formats [doc, txt]. Splitting a PDF document is really hard nut to crack . Adobe Acrobat is designed to view, create, manipulate, print and manage files in PDF, but its cost is too much [449$]. I think it will be foolishness to purchase Adobe Acrobat for only splitting a PDF. Then what should we do?I have found some cool websites, by using them splitting of PDF will become really easier.

1. This coolest website does not require registration. Here you can split one PDF files in multiple PDF files[no limits on file's number].

2. IlovePDF. com:- IlovePDF. com is a good website like above. But in this website only 10 splits are possible of a PDF means you can split 1 PDF files into 10 PDF file [not more than that]. I think 10 is enough :-\

3. Really good looking website. smileyEverything is fine tuned, but here you can not split one PDF into many PDFs. Its little bit confusing, so I will explain with an example.

Example:-Suppose you have a PDF ‘important_office_documents. pdf’. You want to splits it in 2 parts. Part1 from page 10 to page 50 & Part2 from page 101 to page150. So you have to do it in two steps. [You can not specify two page rages at a time. ]

4. This website is same as FoxyUtils. Like above here you can not split one PDF into many PDFs. You can specify one page range at a time. Here max file size limit is 20MB.

5. SplitMergePDF:- SplitMergePDF is slightly different website than all above. This website will split a PDF into same number of PDFs as many pages the source PDF have. Means if you have a PDF of 100 pages, then it will be spitted in 100 PDFs & each will contain only 1 page. Mximum size of PDF may be till 200 KB.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial of How-To series. Now splitting a PDF document has become piece of cake from hard nut to crack, but what’s about merging two or more than two PDFs in one PDF? Wait for next post ” How to merge many PDFs into one PDF online”. You can give your valuable feedback through comments.

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